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CopperCube will let you create interactive 3D scenes and games.
The program has an editor that allows to use some pre-designed backgrounds, add 3D objects and use textures. It is possible to import elements created with other programs. CopperCube can add effects to an item, by changing the collision settings and materials.

Using CopperCube, you can create geometric items, and add them to your scene, create point lights, create cameras, a billboard, a sky box, a hot spot and even a 3D sound. Any of the items can be modified later. You can use the lightning that you want, choosing a mode from the list.

The program allows to save your created scene as a CopperCube document. This option will save a file that you can load using this program. You will be able to modify this file as many times as you want.

When you are satisfied with the scene, you can publish your work as a Flash Application (.SWF), as a Windows Applcation (.EXE), a WebGL scene (.HTML). It is also possible to export the new scenes to be used by other programs, as Irrlicht Scene, COLLADA or Maya.

Every scene created with the demo version will include a watermark. This version will work just for fourteen days.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It offers a lot of tools to create powerful scenes


  • It can be hard to learn how to use the program properly. Some more documentation will help
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